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Hudson, our hip spica hero

An insight into the transport challenges faced by Hudson’s family

Introducing Hudson and his family

Sammy and Steven generously agreed to speak with us about their challenges accessing safe transport for their beautiful nine-month-old son, Hudson, after his surgery for hip dysplasia.

At MACA, we were struck by how difficult it was for Sammy and Steven to find help and support for Hudson’s car seat needs after this surgery.

Hudson's story inspired us to improve this situation for Australian families - find out what we are doing below.

Watch Hudson's story

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What we’re doing to help families like Hudson's

MACA’s vision is that no family should experience the confusion and distress that Sammy’s family did. We are committed to helping build a system that enables access to an appropriate car seat in a timely way for hospital discharge.

To support families, improve current practice and develop an ongoing evidence base, we are working with researchers, AuSAP participants, hospitals and allied health professionals to address gaps and advance the evidence base. This includes:

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