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AS/NZS 1754

Information about Australia and New Zealand’s child restraint standard


Title: AS/NZS 1754 Child restraint systems for use in motor vehicles

Current version: 2013

Objective: To provide minimum design, construction and performance requirements for child restraint systems in order to provide a high level of protection for children travelling in motor vehicles.

Scope: Passenger cars and other motor vehicles; accessories supplied with the restraint or included in the instruction manual.

Review: This Standard is currently under review and MACA is represented on the Standards Australia child restraint committee to ensure that the needs of children with disabilities and medical conditions are considered.

AS/NZS 1754 does not provide requirements for special purpose child restraints. However the current review includes the development of a new section that will provide safety and performance requirements for variations to Australian standard child restraints to cater for the needs of children with disabilities and medical conditions when travelling in motor vehicles.

All members of the public will have an opportunity to comment on the draft revision when it is available.

Purchase: You can purchase this Standard from SAI Global.

A world leading standard

In Australia there is widespread consumer confidence with Australian Standard child restraints. This is because the Australian Standard has been around since 1973, and it is widely recognised as world leading. For example, it was the first standard to introduce side impact testing, this is why we see big side wings on Australian standard child restraints.

Consumer protection

Since 1978 there has been a consumer protection notice in place for Australian standard child restraints. This means that product suppliers can only sell, or offer for sale, products that meet the Australian standard. The government agency responsible for the consumer protection notice is the Australian Competition and Consumer Commission (ACCC).

Since 2008, the consumer protection notice has not included any Australian standard clauses relating to child restraints designed for children with disabilities and medical conditions as it was seen to be a barrier for suppliers seeking to sell products in Australia.

However, removing these clauses did not result in improved supply of products suitable for the range of needs in Australia. This is why MACA has established the world leading Australian Safety Assessment Program (AuSAP) and is working closely with suppliers to change this.

Did you know?

  • The last review in 2013 introduced child restraints with built-in harnesses for children up to 8 years of age (Type G). These larger restraints are often suitable for children with disabilities and medical conditions, and cater for 50% of 10 year old children.
  • This standard allows for child restraints for low birth weight infants.
  • This standard allows for accessories or removable items supplied with the restraint, or included in the instruction book.


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